Valentine’s Day in a Minister’s Home

The hard part about being the wife of a minster is his unpredictable work schedule and the awesome part about being the wife of a minister is his  flexible work schedule!

Valentine's Day in a Minister's Home

Thanks to an unpredictable work schedule, we have rarely gone out on Valentine’s Day. Some years there is a Valentine’s Day banquet, other years your chaperoning the junior high dance. And thanks to a flexible work schedule, we always have lots of opportunity to go out some random night instead.

Since Vday was on a Friday this year, we hosted a fun kid's valentine's day party at our house to their parents could go have a date night! Hope over to A Common Bond and see how we prepared to manage the chaos and enjoy the company.


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  1. I just read the full post! You are too much! I am deeply touched by such an amazing act of service!! I would have loved to have someone do that for me when my kiddos were little. I don’t think I am up to the whole crowd at once anymore, but you have inspired me to offer to babysit for several families for free (just not all at once)… We have reached that stage where we are in full on Gigi & Pop mode and several of our younger friends who have young children are always telling us their kids love visiting our house! We do love to spoil ’em here!!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Rebecca D recently posted..Break The Winter Time “Blahs” Giveaway…My Profile

    • Rebecca, I know the entire crowed is only for the mentally challenged! Surprisingly, having the giant crew was prolly easier for us than 7 different nights with extras and late bed times.
      I’m glad I could be an encouragement! I know the families will be BEYOND blessed by you!!!!

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