Valentine’s Day Tattoo Gifts & Cards {early Thoughtful Thursday}

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I know it's not Thursday but I really wanted to share our inexpensive Valentine's before next week. These were so easy and I think some of you would LOVE this idea for your littles to hand out at their preschool or nursery.


I love not only giving our neighbors seasonal gifts but our church family as well. Since my kids aren't in daycare or preschool, we treat our church friends like classmates and it's a good excuse to show some love'n every now & then. Since we plan to homeschool, starting this tradition early will help form this habit as well as let my kids enjoy some of the typical public school traditions. Valentine's Day Parties and passing out Valentines were always so much fun!

We are on a pretty tight budgets so I wanted to do something simple yet fun for Valentine's Day. This will actually be one of our last Sundays with our current church family before our preview services & launch so I Really wanted to do something kinda special to let these families know how much they've meant to us.

When I found these adorable packages of tattoos at the fancy dancy Targe', I knew just what I wanted to do! I believe they were $5 a bag. . They only had two different kinds at the Little Rock Target I was in but it worked great. Boys- Pirate Tats & Girls- Heart Tats! I didn't want to simply put my kids' names on the 'from' line and to be honest, 1. I don't know all the kids in their 2 different classes, 2. I forgot to ask for a list and 3. You never know how many on said list or how many newbies will be there on any given day. IMG_1518IMG_1514I chose to make one {FREE PRINTABLE!} label work for both packs...mainly because I'm lazy 🙂 but partly because I wanted all the kids to be able to hand out guy & girl boxes and not from each specific child. I did cut them out using different shears to give them a little different look {girly vs boyish}. IMG_1509This kids had fun helping me put together their Valentine's!IMG_1521IMG_1524 Here's the final product: IMG_1528IMG_1529

If I can remember, I may go back & snatch some left-over ones on an after season sale and have them for next year as well! Anyways... 😉 Maybe this will help somebody searching for an inexpensive Valentine idea for an entire classroom full of kids but with a small personal touch.

Don't forget to get your FREE Valentine's Day Pirate/Heart Printable Cards/Labels!Pirate & Heart Tattoo Valentines Day Cards

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