Water Park Hair for Littles {Thoughtful Thursday}

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I mentioned yesterday that we got to spend the day with friends at a water/amusement park for the 1st time as a family. We were beyond pumped!

Because we wanted to eliminate any possible kinks in the day, I wanted to make sure little girl hair wasn't going to be a constant issue. Ya know, pulling it up all day. Bang in the face. Hair slapping you on rides. Nasty looking, 1/2 dried hair. Soooo

Water Park Hair

We borrowed little brother's hair glue, "Gorilla Snot" and used tiny rubber bands to created some cute doos that would last all day.

  1. I wet down the girls hair, added a generous amount of GS, and used a fine comb to comb their hair, removing knots, before putting it up.
  2. Because both my girls have bangs or baby hairs/fly-aways, we created tiny pony tails right in the front.
  3. Then we did a little dipsy do. I'm sure there's a real term for this but basically, all you do is make a hole under the hair-tier and poke the ponytail through before pulling tight.
  4. Finally, we pulled the tiny dipsy do back into another ponytail. My oldest daughter has more hair so we ended up doing 3 ponies on one side and a single on the other side but only 2/1 on my younger daughter.
  5. I left the back down on both girls {having only pigtails on the front 1/2 of their heads} so it would be less likely to fall down, since both of them have shoulder-length hair. I also scrunched my younger daughter's curly hair with the GS.

Growing Out Little Girl Bangs Growing Out Bangs on Little Girls Hair- Curly Style

These stayed All Day! AND looked cute 😉 How do you fix your little girls hair when you need it to stay all day?

edit to add pics of hair glue

Gorilla Snot

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  1. Their hair is so cute! I have to do something similar to get my daughter’s hair to stay, because she keeps cutting her front hair off, ugh! What is hair glue? Can you tell me more about it? Does it comb out easily or does it need washing afterward?
    Dianna recently posted..A week-long breakfast menu for food storageMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you like their “doos”.
      That stinks about her cutting her hair but I bet its similar to my girls short bangs/fly-aways.
      The “hair glue” I used is something I actually bought for my son’s hair when we gave him is 1st “big boy” hair cut and wanted to do a fo-hawk. It’s called “Gorilla Snot”. I’ll edit this post to include a picture of that product. It was fairly inexpensive. I learned the hard way that you have to WET THE HAIR before applying. I use a pretty good amount but make sure you work it in so there’s not yellow “snot” lumps on your kids head 😉
      I’ve used it in my hair: worked it into wet hair, combed out, then blow-dried while brushing through it. It kept my bangs back in the twist I did but didn’t look wet. It brushed out easily that way but if you leave it wet without brushing/drying then I would recommend rinsing it out. You don’t necessarily have to wash {use shampoo} to get it out; rinses out with just water easily.


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