Why does my Husband Rock?

My husband rocks because he...

wears t-shirts and hats.

goes shopping with me and pushes the heavy cart.

takes our girls on dates.

gets up early to have meetings so he can be home for family time.

makes me laugh.

figures out techy stuff for me on my blog by using tutorials.

plays loudly with our children.

thinks I'm cute in a t-shirt and ponytail.

encourages me to have mom's-nights out as well as girl-time with friends.

takes out All the trash.

he learned to french braid hair using YouTube.

sings and plays guitar {and lots of other instruments for that matter}.

drives when we go places together.

takes me on dates.

helps our children memorize scripture.

makes sound effects when telling stories.

cooks dinner when I have "no idea what to make".

helps be paint even when he hates it.

reads the Bible to our children nightly.

eats anything I make.

always orders for me at fast food restaurants {and knows what I eat Everywhere}.

does projects with me on his days off.

does breakfast with our kids so I can shower and get ready.

loves my family.

listens to me.

will put my earrings away for me when I forget to take them out at night.

Always turns out the lights when we go to bed.

plays hide and seek with me in our house {even when there is no warning}.

carries on conversations with me when I talk to him in my sleep.

is leading our family on a FUN adventure as he follows Christ.



I love you Matthew Ray Rothacher!!! xoxo You ROCK!


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