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The Tainting of Words: Modesty

Anyone who has known me for any short period of time knows that I hate clothes.

The Tainting of Words: Modesty | via Thoughts on true modesty in todays world.

Not as in, I'm wish I lived on a nudist colony. I don't mind wearing clothes. I mainly hate clothes because the purpose of them has changed from "hiding our sinful nakedness" to "if ya got it {or even if you don't & wish you did} flaunt it".

God has fearfully and wonderfully made each of us. But somehow we all want to be like someone else. Even in our proclamation of individuality, we are attempting to obtain a standard set by someone {not God} and thus reach and ideally surpass said standard. We have put ourselves in competition with one another. {Ladies! This is why we create evil drama.} Like raw, thoughtless animals in the wild. Wanting to gain stature, labels, attention {negative or possessive}, and when those things are gained, somehow we have gained worth? False worth.

Modesty among women {and even men} has lost its meaning. Modesty used to be esteemed as a regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress;
lack of vanity! Clothing & Fashion (modifier) designed to prevent inadvertent exposure of part of the body a modesty flap. Lack of pretentiousness; simplicity.

Most females my age nearly roll their eyes at me when the topic of modesty comes up. Young women think that this word is some how "out dated". A foreign concept of decade past. They picture layered robes and head dressings. Then if you get past that idea, the excuse of "it's just too hard to shop for decent clothing."

Why have decency, prudence, and simplicity been labeled out-of-date? When did guarding those things in our lives become not worth the time?

Our world is in a state of constant decay; depravity of man has never been more onslaught than today. Tomorrow we will be even further down that road.

"Everything is heading toward decay, and we are striving against it." - Sarah Mae, author of 31 Days to Clean {Genesis 3:17-18}

Okay, if you are still reading, know that when I say the word modesty has lost its meaning, I am saying that we have chosen to view that word as a nasty, enslaving term that limits us. I am not saying you need to be enslaved to turtle necks, skirts, and long sleeves. I'm also not saying that if you simply wear things that cover your...boobs and butt then its modest. If there's nothing left to the imagination for only my husband to enjoy...I might reconsider the wardrobe. The full meaning of modest means clothing is not about you.

I am here to say, be free of the bondage if "fashion". As I would tell my kids, "Lets think looooong term." Does wearing the in-style thing today really have any impact on your eternity? If chosen wrongly, it could have a negative impact on those whom you are trying to impact for eternity... I had to learn a hard truth that applies to just about everything in life:

If your lifestyle makes sense to the world then its likely not a godly lifestyle. Live like no one else & let God be honored. [Tweet this!]

To help understand modesty further, watch the video below...let Science tell you about the physical aspects of modesty.

I looked as if I were trying to melt into the scenery and become invisible, like a giraffe standing motionless among sunlit leaves —Christopher Isherwood

<--More Resources-->


Clothing can be found {hunted for} in lots of stores, but I've found success at:
Old Navy, Forever 21, Maurice's, Target, JC Pennies, Ross, TJ Max, and Gordmon's
I do have trouble envisioning the potential modesty of an outfit if manikins & models are making seductive faces/posses at me... 😉


"Can you be a Lady without being Modest?" -More Like Momma
"If She Only Knew: Thoughts on Modesty and Beauty" -The Time-Warp Wife

Note: If you know me personally, I am NOT saying my t-shirts are in any way fashionable. One of the many reasons you'll likely near find a "What I Wore Wednesday" post here... I am NOT saying you should dress like me to display modesty. 😉 Although I do attempt modesty in all I do, there are lots of other ways to accomplish this.

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Where DO You Live?

I just wanted to give a lil update on where we are. Literally.

Where do you live

There is a wide group of people who stop by this blog occasionally. Some are friends and family I grew up with from birth until graduating Fayetteville High. Some are friends I matured with at Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge. Then there are the ministry friends and family I have met along with way over the past 9 years of marriage; anywhere from Walnut Ridge FBC, Parkers Chapel FBC, Central BC, The Valley, and all those we've collided with in between.

I lived in 2 houses as a child; one of those was for 16 of 18 years. Since moving out to attend college I've lived in 1 dorm room, 1 apartment in town, and 1 apartment on campus, as a single adult. Now I'm about to move to my 6th houses in my 9 years of marriage. That's 11 homes in my life time of 29 years {this August}. Since this has all been in Arkansas, I'm not sure if I can wear the same badge but I can definitely relate to "The Humbling of a Nomad".

I've had tons of friends from different corners of the state as well as the town we are currently "living in" have been asking similar questions, all just in the past couple days. I thought I'd take a minutes and let ya know the answers to these FAQ::

Have you closed on your house?

Yes. Depending on which house you're asking about.

We "closed" on our "big blue" house in White Hall and sold it for good! After a year of it being on the market {6 months with an agent & 6 FSBO}, we finally sold it to a perfect family who will be so blessed by the space. God really did turn a hard year of waiting into a situation in which He could be glorified.

No we haven't "closed" on the home we're buying in Vilonia. A week after selling our house in White Hall, we made an offer on a house in Vilonia. To most this sounds like a hasty decision, but if you know us {and the details of this life in limbo then you know we've been searching for a home "in the field" and this is the exact layout I fell in love with when we first began our journey of house hunting that has included hours of online searching, an awesome realtor and over 2 DOZEN houses. This will be the "nicest" home either of us have ever lived in. Don't get me wrong, we haven't lived in crappers but this is the newest and fancier than I ever saw us being able to buy. Just goes to show, God blesses us beyond what we deserve.

We are supposed to "close" any time between now and July 10th!!!

Have you finished moving?

Again, Yes. Depending on which "move" you're asking about.

We moved essentials into our "borrowed" home and then the rest of our belongings after the sale of "big blue".

We have not moved to our new home we are in the process of buying. We are giving the seller a week after closing to move her furniture out as well as to stretch and clean carpets {the only thing not perfectly maintained about the home}. Keep ya posted 😉

Are you excited about your new town?

I bet you can guess this one...Yes. Depending on which "new town" you're asking about.

Conway, the town we are currently living in our "borrowed" house is great. The town feels cleaner and while having all the amenities of "bigger town" without the 1-2 hour commute like ALL the past places we lived, yet still feels small enough to not be overwhelmed.

Vilonia, the town in which we are buying our new home, is only a 15 minute drive to Conway. Although it is a rural community, it still has several gas stations, restaurants, and a grocery store. Plus, our church family is all out there.

When beginning this church planting trek, the first thing they tell all church planters is to "move to the field", meaning live in the community in which you plan to minister, serves, and be a part of that community. Guess God chose to use us a lil differently. Which I love. I think this has let us see, this isn't about us. Often in youth ministry, groups grow based on the popularity and personality of the pastor. Here, He is keeping the truth at the front of everything we do: this plant is about the people God so dearly loves already planted in Vilonia and how He wants to empower them to reach the masses for His name.

Where do you live???

We live in a "borrowed" house that has become home. It really is true, home is where your heart & family is.

Back in March, 1 weeks before our preview services and 5 weeks before our launch date, we were blessed beyond comprehension by a couple who can only be described as "used by God". Through the church that partnered with us for the plant as well as mutual friends, God connected us with a family who heard about our 1 hour commute multiple times a week for services and meetings because our house {WH} still hadn't sold. They allowed us to stay in their home that hadn't sold yet & the former renters had just moved out of...for FREE. Talk about birds of the air.

This transition home has allowed us to be used by God at the valley, wait to sell our home to the perfect family, find the perfect new home for our family, all while being taken care of by God via this amazing family.

This entire God situation deserves a post all its own; I'm just having trouble putting it all into words.

We live on the side of a gorgeous mountain, in a log cabin, with a beautiful view, a huge shop/storage building, 30 minutes from the valley, in a home that was made for just a time as this and our family. God is good.

If I didn't answer your questions about our whereabouts, just ask! I'll keep ya posted on the "final move" and "new home"!

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Happy 5th Birthday Magnadoodle!

Happy 5th Birthday Gorgeous!

Magdalene Reese Rothacher, you are my smarty pants.

We love your thoughtfulness, vocabulary, constant questioning {most days}, leadership, creativity, and impeccable way of caring on a conversation with adults!

We love you Maggie!!!

Magdalene Reese Rothacher2

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5 Days of Summer: Summary & a GIVEAWAY


I've pretty much shared our entire summer thus far as well as some of the plans we have, so today I wanna share all the other post from the other amazing bloggers that are part of this 5 Days of Summer series::

5 Days of Red White & BlueSarah of Sidetracked Sarah

5 Days of Summer Adventure for BoysKelli of Adventurez in ChildRearing

5 Days of Summer Travel - Tabitha from Meet Penny

5 Days of Camping Fun - Stephanie of Bowmania

5 Days of Summer Fun {or more recently named, "Life...Interrupted"- Laurie from Our Abundant Blessings

5 Days of Summer LearningMonique of Living Life and Learning

5 Days of Summer Organizing - Sherri of From Our Front Porch Lookin’ In…

5 Days of Summer Love for MomChristy of One Fun Mo

5 Days of Summer ReadingJamie of Walking in High Cotton

5 Days of Summer SaladsBecky Marie of For This Season

5 Days of Summer PicnicsJen of Happy Little Homemaker

Oh, I think I forgot to mention there is an


Enter below. Woop!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The rest of the 5 Days of Summer {little style} here on as Jules is going, included:

Monday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Entertainment

Tuesday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Food

Wednesday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Rest

Thursday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Learning

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5 Days of Summer {little style}: Learning


We are a homeschooling family. Thus far we've only done preschool with Kindergarden starting in the fall. We tend not to do a real formal "school" day but instead just try making learning part of our daily routine {minus all the paper work}. I know this will change a little in the coming yer but let me encourage you to use Summer as a fun learning time for your littles.

Here are a few things we've already done and then some we are hoping to do soon.

Outside Educational Activities

5 Days of Summer- Learning

  • Zoo
  • Nature Walk
  • Animal Observation
    5 Days of Summer- Learning 'animal observation'
    5 Days of Summer...Learning- Animal Observation
  • Water Play
  • Parks
  • Learn new skills
    • swimming
    • ride a bike

Indoor Educational Activities

For more ideas for an educational summer, check out my Pinterest board,
"The Ones about Homeschooling"! There is also a blogger in this series devoting the entire 5 days to summer learning; check it out!

The rest of the week includes:

Monday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Entertainment

Tuesday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Food

Wednesday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Rest

Friday-- 5 Days of Summer: Summary & a GIVEAWAY

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