Boy’s Room {Settled In September}

I know this post is entitled "Boy's Room" and in the long run, it will be but I thought I should let you know that for a while, there will be a superGirl rooming in this awesome room. 😉

Girly addition to the Superhero roomWe did our last 2 nurseries in veggie tales as  a cute but unique unisex theme. When we moved this time, we chose to do  very gender themed rooms. In the long run, this is how we plan to room our children, no matter how many there are of each gender. We wanted these to "themes" to last many years so for the boy's room, we went with Super Hero!The Boy's RoomWe love murals and have always done them ourselves in other houses. When we moved here, we met an awesome artistic {to say the least} friend who offered to help us with the rooms. Yeah, other than the main base color of the rooms, he did the rest. hehe Boy's Room Cityscape WallThis is the cityscape wall behind the toddler bed. It will stay here and be converted back into a crib when Ellie needs to move into this room {likely when she starts sleeping through the night and/or moved out of the cradle in our room}. Boy's Room Brick WallThis is the brick wall where the twin bed will go {opposite corner as the table} when J moves to a larger bed. The table in the corner is an up-cycled table we found on our upstairs patio in our last house. It was really weathered but still really solid wood. I decided to try a fun technique I saw on Pinterest. Boy's Room UpCycled Table

  • I spray-painted the edges of the table where you would normally scruff up if you were distressing something. The paint job looked terrible because I didn't paint the entire thing; one, the entire thing didn't need it for my plan, and two, I was using leftover yellow paint.
  • After that dried, I took an old tea candle and scrubbed over the edges covered in yellow and then spray painted the whole thing with a thick black coat {or 2}.
  • When that dried, I simply took a piece of a Brillo pad and wiped the edges where I'd layered on the candle wax. The black paint wiped off every easily exposing the yellow without removing any of that layer leading to the wood. So fun! I really wanna try this on something else!!!

On the other wall, we left the fun blue and hung shelves that have been in all our nurseries. This time we did them off centered while making sure they were still in studs. You DEFinitely do Not want these shelves falling on an innocent baby on a changing table! We put pictures of J on the top shelf along with some lil superhero guys. On the bottom shelf, we put our diaper bin and wipe tub next to a fun canvas an artistic student from the valley made for Jamin. Next to it is J's personalized step from my parent {they got made at a local craft fair}.

Boy's Room Changing TableStation Boy's Room Changing Station The dresser was my dresser growing up. It was a medium shade brown {covered in stickers}. Before I used this dresser, it was my dad's. LOL When I painted it with heavy gloss black paint, I also used strips of velcro securing the changing pad to the top of the dresser. When the season of diapers is over, I'm sure there will be some fun clean up to remove the sticky film. This is the breakdown of his dresser/changing table.

Boy's Room DresserChanging TableThe awkward wall that sticks out when you first enter the room we chose to put something decorative.

  • On one wall is a giant canvas a friend from our last church made for J.
  • The other wall has tiny shelves that used to be in our dinning room,
    a hat rack that was in our master bedroom in our first home,
    old frame from my high school days,
    and a wooden letter and cardboard pizza round I painted & hot-glued together to resemble a superhero logo. hehe

Boy's Room Decorative Wall in Boy's RoomIn case you care, here's a glimps into the bedroom closet. I wish I already had the other shelves but up but nope. Not yet. The white wire shelves {from the kitchen pantry} will go depth-wise in the closet below the hanging clothes and will be used for the linens that belong in this room {leaving our "linen closet" available for GAMES!}.

Boy's Room Closet Shelf Boy's Room ClosetHope you enjoyed the tour around our lil Super Hero's retreat.

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