Shelf Tutorial & Pantry Organization {Settled In September}

I love having a pantry! A place designated for something. And of all things- FoOd!

Empty Kitchen Pantry

I've been blessed with a pantry in all our houses {even the 1200 sq ft one}. This is the smallest pantry I've ever had but I am not complaining. When we moved in, the pantry had great thick wire shelving. It was installed so even, level, and secure. The only downer? I use canned food. Lots of them! That, and stuff kept falling through the slats.

Full Pantry Full on the wire shelving

These poor shelves were buckling under the weight of my "can shelf". So, my sweet hubs did yet another perk project for me; I mean really, this wasn't necessary but I love how it turned out.

Taking the old shelves down was possibly the hardest part of the task. They were anchored into the wall in at least 3 places.

removing the anchors from the pantry walls

After removing the shelves {which will be used in the kids closets 😉 }, Matt measured how long and wide the old shelves were and then added a couple inches to the depth so I would have just a lil more space in this closet.

He used a saw and cut plywood the rectangle size of the 4 shelves and 1 bys for the braces he would use to anchor the shelves to the wall.

Pantry with Shelves Removed

Thankfully, we had all these awesome tools at our house BORROWED from friends.

After painting each piece, Matt anchored the small boards on both sides and then used a nail gun to secure the shelves to the braces.

There ya go! Sturdy wooden pantry shelves!

upgrading the pantry with wooden shelving as well as organizing the pantry

As for our simple pantry organization:

Pantry Organization

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  1. Katie Mallak says:

    Where did you get the shelves you used for your pantry makeover?

    • We just bought and cut wood {from Lowes or Home depot} to the right dimensions. They weren’t re-made shelving.
      Hope that helps! You planning on a pantry redo soon?


  1. […] closet. I wish I already had the other shelves but up but nope. Not yet. The white wire shelves {from the kitchen pantry} will go depth-wise in the closet below the hanging clothes and will be used for the linens that […]

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