Shelf Tutorial & Pantry Organization {Settled In September}

I love having a pantry! A place designated for something. And of all things- FoOd!

Empty Kitchen Pantry

I've been blessed with a pantry in all our houses {even the 1200 sq ft one}. This is the smallest pantry I've ever had but I am not complaining. When we moved in, the pantry had great thick wire shelving. It was installed so even, level, and secure. The only downer? I use canned food. Lots of them! That, and stuff kept falling through the slats.

Full Pantry Full on the wire shelving

These poor shelves were buckling under the weight of my "can shelf". So, my sweet hubs did yet another perk project for me; I mean really, this wasn't necessary but I love how it turned out.

Taking the old shelves down was possibly the hardest part of the task. They were anchored into the wall in at least 3 places.

removing the anchors from the pantry walls

After removing the shelves {which will be used in the kids closets 😉 }, Matt measured how long and wide the old shelves were and then added a couple inches to the depth so I would have just a lil more space in this closet.

He used a saw and cut plywood the rectangle size of the 4 shelves and 1 bys for the braces he would use to anchor the shelves to the wall.

Pantry with Shelves Removed

Thankfully, we had all these awesome tools at our house BORROWED from friends.

After painting each piece, Matt anchored the small boards on both sides and then used a nail gun to secure the shelves to the braces.

There ya go! Sturdy wooden pantry shelves!

upgrading the pantry with wooden shelving as well as organizing the pantry

As for our simple pantry organization:

Pantry Organization

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Eating Spaces: Organizing Kitchen Cabinets {Settled In September}

Today, I wanna show you around our kitchen. This was possibly The first room we had set up and organized. The kitchen is most often the center of the home. It keeps the family fed, energized, and running. Its also the forerunner in hospitality. Wither that's serving a simple drink, a snack, a full fledged meal, or simple conversation over clean-up- the kitchen, although overlooked in the organizational department, can function with so much more ease if de-cluttered and organized.

Here is a simple layout of our kitchen. Its not huge but its definitely not tiny. I love the basic layout and it has plenty of storage for everything we could possibly need. I've labeled all the cabinets and drawers and then I'll have pictures of the insides of each of those below. This layout is so you can visualize where each cabinet/drawer is in relation to the staples of the kitchen: sink/dishwasher, oven/microwave, and refrigerator. I've also tried to give you an idea of where things are located in relation to other rooms so you can understand my logic in its placement.

The Rothacher Kitchen labeled

Starting on the top row of cabinets, working left to right:

Medicine Cabinet Medicine Cabinet Orgaization{click for this image withOut labels}

Glassware Cabinet Glassware and Mug Cabinet

Serving Dishes Cabinet Serving Dishes Cabinet

Storage Container Cabinet Storage Container Cabinet Organiztion{click here for this image withOut labels}

Baking Cabinet Baking Cabinet Organization{click here for this image withOut labels}

Cookbook Cabinet Spice Cabinet Orgaization{click for this image withOut labels}

Plastic Serving Dishes Cabinet Plastice Rarely Used Serving Dishes Cabinet

Starting with the drawers from left to right:

Silverware & Empty for Baby Items DrawersSilverware Orgaization{click here for this image withOut labels}

Cleaning Towel DrawerCleaning Towels

Hand Towel Drawer Hand Towel Drawer

Knife & Often Used Utensil Drawer Daily Use Utensil Drawer Organization{click here this image withOut labeles}

Less Used Utensils Used Less Often Utensils Drawer

Starting with the lower cabeinets, working left to right and ending with the bottom 2 {of 3} drawers between the oven and fridge

Plates, Bowls, and Cups Cabinet Plates, Bowls, Cups Cabinet Organization{click here for this image withOut labels}

Back of Plates, Bowls, & Cups Cabinet

Pitcher CabinetPitcher Cabinet

Cleaning Supplies Cabinet Cleaning Cabinet

Paper Goods Cabinet Paper Goods Cabinet Organization{click here for this image withOut labels}

Pan Cabinet Pan Cabinet Organization{click here for this image withOut labels}

Back of Pan Cabinet

{Frying} Pans and Lids Drawer Frying Pans & Lids Drawer

Pots DrawerPots Drawer

Moving to the other side of the kitchen past the laundry door and pantry is the "buffet".

Starting with the drawers, left to right:

Baking Tools Drawers Baking & Rarely Used Items Drawers Organization{click here for this image withOut labels}

Random Drawers Random Drawers

Starting with the lower cabinets, left to right:

Snack Cabinet Snack Cabinet side 1 Snack Cabinet side 2

My "Monica's Closet" Cabinet My Monica's Closet Cabinet Organization Bwahahahaha{click here for this terribly nasty image withOut the labeled excuses}

That's our kitchen...I didn't give much description of these images but I'd love to answer any questions you have about them. I didn't want to bore those who just wanted to see. Thanks for coming by!

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5 Time and Money Wasters to Banish from Your Kitchen {Thoughtful Thursday}

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

This is a compensated guest post from the Instawares Kitchen Supplies Blog. I hope their thoughtful Time and Money saving ideas for your kitchen are helpful for you!

old kitchen equipment
Three easy payments do not guarantee a time saving or necessary gadget. Even masters of the kitchen like you can fall victim to flashy marketing that over-promises and end up with a product that under-performs.

Below you will find a list of five kitchen items to avoid. Save yourself time and money by steering clear of these foodie foibles.

1. Any Garlic Gadget

Do not fall for the hype and think that some swirly-twisty thing or silicone tube is going to produce perfectly peeled and minced garlic. All the clever cook needs is a knife. Give a single clove of garlic in the skin a good whack with the flat side of a knife; the husk is easily removed. Use a microplane or knife to chop or mince garlic. Even better, add a little coarse salt and crush the clove into a paste with the side of the knife.

2. Tiny Appliances With Single Uses

Doughnut makers, hotdog warmers, mini-cupcake bakers and the insurmountable pile of other single use gadgets are only good as gifts for office holiday parties. Your precious counter-top real estate is better employed by performance powerhouses like a stand mixer and a regular old toaster. You have come a long way since baking a single brownie with a light bulb when you were ten years old, do not backslide now!

3. Knives That Can Supposedly Cut Through a Sedan

Get a chef’s knife. One. One chef’s knife will be one thousand times more useful than ten knives that tout dubious claims. If you need to cut through a sedan you can always get a plasma cutter.

4. Specialty Pots

A strainer is a must in any cook’s kitchen. Since you are a cook and have said strainer, you can bypass the pasta pots and weird microwave contraptions for cooking noodles, right? Right! With a strainer and a metal lotus steamer tray you can bypass nearly all the specialty pots out there. Double boilers, pasta pots and steamer pots are all just space wasters when you have a well outfitted kitchen.

5. Anything that Does a Single Task

Everything in your kitchen should work in multiple situations. That is the true test of good kitchen equipment. Gadgets and gear need to earn their keep in your cabinets and drawers. Your thermometer should work for candy, oil and meat. Your griddle can handle panini, pancakes and burgers. With a few exceptions, like a separate identifiable cutting board for raw meat, everything in your kitchen should be able to complete more than one task.

Kitchen space is at a premium in homes everywhere, so make sure your gear works as hard as you do. Take back your space by ousting expensive gadgets and gizmos. Simple is usually best and the rest better earn its keep!

If you enjoyed this post from Instawares Kitchen Supplies Blog, you can find new articles on the latest in restaurant and kitchen equipment on their blog.

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WIC Approved Breakfast

Many of you mom's out there with littles under 5 may know the blessings and woes of the WIC program.

WIC Approved Breakfast

Now that you have the food home, what do you do with it? Today I want to share a breakfast meal my kids love and only takes 1-3 ingredients that WIC doesn't provide but that you likely have in your pantry. Check them out over at the Homemaker's Challenge!

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How-to Make Scramble Eggs in the Microwave

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

Last summer, I visited my mom who was working at a diner. Being a "home cook'n" kinda place, they needed to make real food while still pretty fast. She taught me that you can make scrambled eggs in a microwave in about 2-3 minutes. You an also do individual servings of eggs without dirtying an entire pan! They turn out incredibly fluffy!

Scrambled Eggs in the MICROWAVE

Scrambled Eggs {in the microwave}


  • 2 eggs
  • Tsp Milk
  • Shredded Cheese {optional for added yumminess}
  • Salt/Pepper {to taste}


  1. Crack eggs into a microwave-safe dish {preferably the one you will eat them in so you don't have to do more dishes}
  2. Scramble the eggs with a whisk {or fork- again on the saving on washing dishes}\
  3. Blend in the milk {and cheese}
  4. Place dish into microwave and cook for ~2 minutes {maybe less if your is high-powered}
  5. Remove & fluff with fork
  6. If there is still more liquid {eggs or milk} in the bottom of the dish, return it to the microwave, cooking for 30 sec at a time
  7. When ready, salt & pepper to taste and serve!

Did you try it? Does it work? I really enjoy this...especially being pregnant, craving eggs, but getting nauseous at the smell of them cooking over the stove.


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