Get it Together Already!

I'm such a slacker! I found out about my sweet friends awesome book a while back and have failed to share it.


I've tried to make a notebook similar to this before. I used a scanky old falling apart tiny notebook left over from something. The entire thing was black and white. I had minimal importance to me...because it was ugly. Right? Lets face it, who wants to pull out something daily/weekly that's hideous. This notebook kinda Then there's the whole, it was just Matt and I and now we've added a few more to the mix, I'm thinking I need to rework the ole "Family Notebook" rather than having 8 different places to keep this stuff.

This is Kayse: Isn't she just adorable! She writes over at Easy enough to remember right? She has fixed my woes about my nasty, skank-tastic notebook and put it all in an eBook for me (and YOU).

Getting It Together is an eBook designed to help you set up your own Home Management System that works! It includes a step-by-step tutorial, and over 30 printables that you can use to start getting organized today!

Getting It Together includes…

  • Top 5 reasons you need a home management system. She's sell ya!
  • Step-by-step on how to creating your own HM binder.
  • 30 printables! All the pretties and none of the hard work!!!
  • Kayse's great sense of humor. She's so normal, love it!

Here’s how you can do just that…

  1. Purchase Getting It Together as a PDF! For just $3.99, you can immediately download the book and start using the printables. Easy peasy! Click here to buy now.
  2. Purchase Getting It Together for your Kindle! Also just $3.99, you can get this wirelessly delivered immediately. This version includes a link to the printables, so that you can download the PDFs onto your computer and print them off. Click here to buy now.

Let me know if ya get it. I'd LOVE to see pics of your fancy dancy new "Home Management System"!!!

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The Neti Pot Experience

A while back I told you I wanted readers here at as Jules is going to know I'm normal. Well, at least...not perfect, probably far from 'normal'. I would try to be a real as possible with you without narking out my family's quirks who haven't signed up for that. goes today's realness.

The Neti Pot Experience REALness on

I have always had problems with allergies. When I was little I had terrible reactions to poison ivy. I would often wake up with eyes matted closed from seasonal allergies. This did not go away as I got older. I have had a Least one sinus infection a year since my first pregnancy almost 5 years ago. About a week I went back to the doctor for my yearly, "Sorry, no I haven't been taking my daily allergy meds. No I didn't get more nasal spray after the sample one you gave me ran out. Yep, I'm pretty sure I have another sinus infection." visit and added to that a, "those are called What? Tonsil stones...likely caused by my allergies/drainage?" conversation.

Last night, after the 8 billionth person told me about a product that helps clear your sinuses as well as helps those who suffer from seasonal allergies, I decided to try it. I don't like my head being constantly clogged. Feeling like I'm in a fog. Therefore the Neti Pot made into my home via Walgreen's. Here is a video of the loveliness in case you want a for real example of how this thing works the very first time you use it.


There is a Lot of realness in this video...not for the week stomach ;o)

Apparently my goal in life is to make other feel better about themselves! Feel free to think, "At least I'm not a weird as that girl..." Your welcome for today ego boaster!

No, I was not paid to do this nastiness to my face by Neti Pot. Unless you know someone who wants to pay me for that?!? And yes, I think I will start using this more regularly to see if it really does help in the long run.

The Neti Experience!
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— Matt Rothacher (@MRothacher) December 28, 2012

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