The Neti Pot Experience

A while back I told you I wanted readers here at as Jules is going to know I'm normal. Well, at least...not perfect, probably far from 'normal'. I would try to be a real as possible with you without narking out my family's quirks who haven't signed up for that. goes today's realness.

The Neti Pot Experience REALness on

I have always had problems with allergies. When I was little I had terrible reactions to poison ivy. I would often wake up with eyes matted closed from seasonal allergies. This did not go away as I got older. I have had a Least one sinus infection a year since my first pregnancy almost 5 years ago. About a week I went back to the doctor for my yearly, "Sorry, no I haven't been taking my daily allergy meds. No I didn't get more nasal spray after the sample one you gave me ran out. Yep, I'm pretty sure I have another sinus infection." visit and added to that a, "those are called What? Tonsil stones...likely caused by my allergies/drainage?" conversation.

Last night, after the 8 billionth person told me about a product that helps clear your sinuses as well as helps those who suffer from seasonal allergies, I decided to try it. I don't like my head being constantly clogged. Feeling like I'm in a fog. Therefore the Neti Pot made into my home via Walgreen's. Here is a video of the loveliness in case you want a for real example of how this thing works the very first time you use it.


There is a Lot of realness in this video...not for the week stomach ;o)

Apparently my goal in life is to make other feel better about themselves! Feel free to think, "At least I'm not a weird as that girl..." Your welcome for today ego boaster!

No, I was not paid to do this nastiness to my face by Neti Pot. Unless you know someone who wants to pay me for that?!? And yes, I think I will start using this more regularly to see if it really does help in the long run.

The Neti Experience!
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— Matt Rothacher (@MRothacher) December 28, 2012

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  1. ew.
    bless you for sharing that experience :/

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