Laundry: Hanging Laundry Basket Shelf {Settled In September}

Yesterday, I told you about the madness that was the moving of the shelves in the laundry room. Today, I wanna show you the awesome hanging laundry basket shelf my hubs made me.

Hanging Laundry Baskets tutorialThe Laundry Basket Shelf: THIS was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest but my amazing hubs just worked with what we had and created a perfect, unique shelving unit for my laundry room. I’ll explain the details of that more tomorrow.

This is my loving hubs hooking the dryer back up after building my cool shelves. He Loves Me! 😉

Built-In Hanging Laundry Basket ShelvesHere are the basic steps he took to make our specific shelves in which I wanted 4 baskets in a box from the floor all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets:

  1. measure the space you have available to determine how many baskets can fit {height & depth}
  2. measure the baskets using {length, width, height} Dimentions of our large baskets
    • our largest basket is 18" wide
    • 26" long
    • 12" deep
    • Our largest basket is an 18x18 square and same depth
  3. determine how much wood is needed
    • 1 sheet of plywood for the side, floor bottom, front, & top
    • 1x2s for the basket rails {horizontal to sides}
    • 1x2s for the braces for the rails {parallel to side}
    • 1x2 scraps for the extra space to make the shelves a bit deeper
  4. cut boards
    • we did 2 71.5" sides
    • 25.5" deep
    • top shelf 5.5" down from the top
    • each is 14.72" apart giving us 16" between each basket
    • 19.5" wide
  5. using a nail gun and nailed the first side to the bottom of the shelf as a support {since the bottom of the cabinet would be part of the top of the shelf}
  6. nailed the braces {parallel} and the rails {horizontal} to the first side braces and rails brace & rail that holds the hanging laundry baskets
  7. nailed the other 1/2 of the top to that side
  8. build the box bottom and nailed to the side Base to the hanging laundry baskets
  9. nailed on the braces and rails to the 2nd side
  10. attached the 2nd side to the existing "box"

Love this shelving!!! It makes sorting laundry so quick so I spend less time with laundry piled all over the house while trying to sort & fold. Here, I can just open the drier door, fold something quickly on the top of the drier, and then stick it in the appropriate basket.

easy sorting with hanging laundry basketsWe have labels on each basket to help with sorting and that basket returns to that spot after its emptied. {I plan to add these labels to the "Printables" post at the end of the month.

Laundry Basket LabelsI do at least 1 load a night and the kids are able to do their "laundry chore" daily but often wait until the basket is about to overflow at the end of the week before putting it away. Our rule is, "If it's not hanging in your closet or in your dresser, its not an option to wear". This helps get stuff put away more regularly...or at least, if there's something they want to wear, they have to put Everything away before they can wear that item {after its put away}. lol

The other item I requested was a “Mud Room”. LOL This being the evil room my family enters through daily {or at least after I completely clean up the garage after all these projects} and guest enter occasionally, I need it to function as more than a laundry. I plan to share more about this aspect of the room later this week as well...and maybe we'll finish the bench before then. hehe

Now for the details of this shelf moving business. I decided to leave off the big heavy doors and go for open shelving. For me, open shelves MAKES me at least try to keep things organized and neat since everyone can see...everything. I also thought those hefty pieces of wood could better be used as shelving in the garage in the long run.

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Laundry: Moving & Organizing Shelves {Settled In September}

Yes. I’m going THERE.

The room we would all like to shut the door to and act like doesn’t exist. The place we air all our dirty laundry, literally. The Laundry Room.

The Laundry Before

I’ve always hated laundry rooms stuck between the kitchen and garage but since the majority of houses now have the layout set up this way, I kinda had to get over it. I’m sure there are a huge number of you with this same scenario. With this room basically a hallway between the garage and kitchen, I wanted it to function really well, have simple ways for me to keep it clean, as well as be slightly attractive.

I needed to be able to do laundry nightly, have adequate storage, as well as this not be terribly ugly to guest who come home with us via the garage. You know, no undies laying around, piles of sorting, or baby stained…whatever for them to sneak past acting as if they didn’t see it.

In order to accomplish this I had to enlist my hubs. But not for his normal assistance. This one had to be nearly ALL him. We have a long, decent sized laundry room which already had amazing, big, heavy shelving units hung on the wall. I chose to ask my hubs to move them…

Okay, you may be thinking the same things as my poor hubs and all his pals – she be crazy. “Move those up, that down, build what, and another huh?” Yeah, maybe a little nutty…but “moving the shelves” made my life TONS easier and this space a gazillion times more functional.

Here are the "in progress" pictures. These shelves were at a terrible height. They weren’t high enough to be for long term storage but they weren’t low enough to be used practically for daily storage items.

The Laundry in progress The Laundry in progress...the other sideI’ve mentioned before, the world is not made for short people and at just 5’2” these shelves weren’t gonna cut it for my nightly laundry routine. I ask begged my husband to move the 1st set of shelves lower to I could easily access the lowest shelf where I wanted to store my detergents and stuff.

The Laundry one side moved Down The Laundry one set painted, moving other set Up The Laundry I hope you can tell how heavy these were The Laundry mammoth shelvesI ended up having him also more the second set as high as they could go, eliminating the useless space above them and the unnatural space below them.

Now for the details of this shelf moving business. I decided to leave off the big heavy doors and go for open shelving. For me, open shelves MAKES me at least try and keep things organized and neat since everyone can see...everything. I also thought those hefty pieces of wood could better be used as shelving in the garage in the long run. Painting them white {simple simi-gloss, not tinted, can of random we already had} made the room look brighter, cleaner, and larger as well.

The Laundry moved shelving The Laundry in progress...the other side The Laundry moved shelving another angle

Temporary clean basket storage and "mud room"The Laundry temporary Mud RoomWell, that the huge progress we made just by moving and painting the shelves!

Here is the cleaning supply shelf; the one I had Matt lower:

The Laundry cleaning supply shelves

  • Lowest Shelf: detergent, color catchers, fabric softener, drier sheets, pic, fuzz-buster, and other random cleaning tools in a basket
  • Middle Shelf: sprays for stains, tub of air fresheners, tub of window & floor cleaner, swiffer pads, tub of other cleaners
  • Top Shelf: bin of fabric scraps, sewing box, bin of other sewing things, ribbon organizer, basket of loose toilet paper
  • Above Shelf: basket of "mending" to be done, sewing machine, basket of paper towels

Here is the longer term storage shelving I had Matt raise:

  • The Laundry storage shelvesBottom Shelf: giant trash bags, iron, tissue, shelf liner, brown paper bags, party napkins, wet ones, everyday napkins
  • Middle Shelf: Sewing Machine, iron {don't ask...we don't even iron}, toilet paper
  • Top Shelf: big boxes/bottles of cleaners, hubs random protein powders, poly-fil

In the next few days, I'll share the other project that came about in the overall "vision" for this space to make it function to its fullest potential:

  • Laundry Basket Shelf
  • Mud Room

Hope to see ya for the rest of the home tour!

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Eating Spaces: Kitchen Décor {Settled In September}

I'm a pretty practical girls. I mean, I like the things I use daily to be cutesy but they Have to be practical {other than my obsession with pictures everywhere}.

The Kitchen

In the way of decorations, my kitchen is possibly the most simply decorated. Since I need my counter space as clear as possible to prepare {most of the time} 3 meals a day as well as constant drinks and then afternoon snacks, I don't like there to be a lot of cute just sitting around. I'm not one of those who hides away all my small appliances. If I use it more than twice a week, its gonna stay on the counter. The only exception right now is the crockpot. I haven't learned how to use it to its full extent, don't have a large space to store it easily, and plan to do more meals in it this fall/winter.

Here is a tour around my "decorations" in the kitchen:

The plate holder. I found this at Hobby Lobby {one of my FAVS} when their "metals" were on sale. It was the last one they had and it was slightly bent at the top. I did something I've never done before and was slightly embraced to ask buuuuut, when I went to check it out I showed them the bend and explained it was the last one and ask if I could get a discount because it was "damaged". After calling over a manager, she agreed to give me an additional 15% off the already 50% and it was a steal!

I'm a slacker. YEP! I bought it intending on painting it since it was an odd off-white color. I liked the idea of orange since I don't use it often but apparently the spray paint I already had was not glossy. It looks odd or cheap with the flat paint AND I'm not in love with the orange. I am now planning to paint it red or black before hanging it. Then I think I'll put some of the cutesy serving platters on it; cute but easy, practical access.

Plate HolderThis is my awesome under counter radio/cd player, stack of cute serving platters, and my painted pottery I did with my mom:

Cute Platers

This is the window above the sink. For a long time I didn't have anything up here because I loved the clean, clear look. BUT I also love this ministry {Forgotten Song} as well as this tray I found with a bestie while garage selling, and the {fake} fresh lemons.

Above the Kitchen Sink Decor

Here is the corner of the kitchen cabinets: paper towels, can opener, toaster, and another piece of pottery painted with my sweet youth group girlies.

Kitchen CounterRothacher PlaterNext to this above corner is the part of counter next to the oven. This is where I like to keep my other appliances out that I use often and want near the oven and fridge.

Kitchen Counter Small AppliancesAbove the shelving is a nice open storage space. Now, I HAVE having anything decorative that I have to dust just for fun so I try to only store party items I don't use often but still have a purpose. This is a giant bowl and cool vase Matt and I received for a wedding gifts. The vase is full of fall items I hadn't cleaned up from last year {don't judge- its almost fall again 😉 }. Also, the bowl wouldn't prop up high enough to see over the lip of the shelf so I used one of our 'rice socks'  to prop is up. lol

Decorative BowlThe next set of shelves are all connected but kind of divided by where each new set of cabinets start. This was a little frustrating but at the same time gave simple divisions for decorations. These vases I have collected over the years...which is surprising since I don't have fresh flowers often. I use some as empty decorations or fill them with random stuff during different seasons.  The next set is a sentimental set of decorative spices that a friends dad gave me as a wedding gift. The awesome hot pink chevron casserole carrier was an awesome birthday gift from my mother-in-love.

I also put these items in the corner because there's the most counter space under them. Sounds sill, I know. BUT I tend to climb on the counter to get things up high since I'm only 5'2" and add being prego to that, I needed the safest place to store the items I would be getting up and down more often 😉

Above Shelving DecorThe last part of our decorations above the cabinets are my Fiestaware pitchers and another awesome garage sale find, the green pottery-looking vase. Next to those is the goodwill find- plate/platter holder and the cake stands I made for a besties baby shower.

Party Supply StorageHope you enjoyed my sad lil tour of my "decor". We are finishing up the "mantel" above the buffet and I'll give ya a separate post about the hard work my hubs did!

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Settling In September Post Series

This is the tentative editorial calendar for the Settled In September month long series.

Settled In September Series{links will go live on the day each post is published}


1st          Intro to the series
before pics

Week 1: Living room

2rd           collage wall
3th           homemade mantel
4th          big Betsy
5th           big Betsy/end tables/coffee table
6th          organization

Week 2: Eating spaces

Dining room
9th           Layout, art display frame & picture walls

10th        Organizing Cabinets
11th        Organizing the Pantry & Shelf Tutorial
12th        Organizing Fridge
13th        Mantel {and other décor} {DELAYED bc we haven't finished hanging it 😉 }

Week 3: Laundry room & School Room

16th        Moving and organizing shelves
17th        Basket shelves
18th        Cleaning tool hanger and Mudroom/bench {DELAYED bc of craziness}
School Room
19th        School Corner and Supply Organization {possibly a day late bc of travel}
20th        Toys and Organization

Week 4: Bedrooms

Jamin’s {and soon to be Ellie's} room
23rd        Dresser/changing table/Shelving {both sets}/Cityscape/brick wall

Girls’ room
24th        Glitter walls/Castle/shelves/letters

Guest room/Office
25th       bed makeover/consignment organization/desk/office stuff

Master bedroom
26th        Stripes/quote/lamps/pictures/Painted furniture

27th        cabinets, tub toys, in shower, towels

Week 5: Garage sale/Consigning

30th       FREE Printables from the entire month!

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Organizing the Fridge {Settled In September}

I hate learning a new refrigerator. You know, learning where the best place is to store things, how to make it functional, where to place shelves {if they are moveable}. This is what I have so far but am still moving things!

ORGANIZING the Refrigerator

Freezer Zones:

Freezer Zones

  1. Frozen Bread & Cheese
  2. Frozen grease in emptied cans {freeze it so doesn't spill all over the trash}
  3. Frozen Beef {divided into 1 lb bags}
  4. Ice Dispenser that needs to be cleared of any blockage & has to be un-clogged all the time
  5. Frozen Potatoes {hash browns, tots, fries}
  6. Frozen Veggies/Fruit
  7. Frozen {fast} Meals
  8. Frozen Desserts

Refrigerator Zones:

Fridge Zones

  1. Milk, Juice, & Large Pitchers
  2. Sodas & desserts
  3. Dairy & Breakfast
  4. Leftovers
  5. Fruit & Veggies
  6. Cheese and Meat
  7. Frosting & Tiny Items
  8. Condiments
    • Cooking & Salads
    • Sandwiches
  9. Salsa & Toppings
  10. Water

Deep Freeze Zones:

Deep Freeze Zones

  1. Bread/rolls
  2. Meats
  3. Meals/casseroles
  4. Ice Packs
  5. Fruit/Veggies
  6. Pizzas

Organizing in your fridge can be just like any other space in your home. Some times using organizational tools can make it that much more efficient.

  • I love using the Lazy Susan to store things like yogurt, biscuits, Cinnamon rolls, and other larger containers that seem to stack up and get in the way of accessing other items.
  • Plastic racks {like I use in my pantry} work good for winter stocking of the deep freeze. It will allow you to stack more items deeper in the freezer. I would recommend only stacking like-items so you don't forget what you've got.
  • Other tools that work well in fridges and freezers are plastic box-like containers. Ones with handles {like I use in our medicine cabinet} are also great for storing smaller package items like fruit, veggies, cheeses, and meats that seem to stack up.
  • You do have to be careful not to use containers that would take away from the cooling of items {especially if they are not already cold/frozen}. You always want them to be open-air or slotted so things don't heat up or get blocked from the coolness of the fridge/freezer.

Organizing the fridge/freezer is important for saving money, time, and sanity! If the refrigerator is disorganized, you don't know what you have you will

  • buy excess leading to things going bad
  • have a much harder time meal planning & preparing meals
  • end up with WAY too many leftovers and you have to declare Multiple "leftover day(s)".

For more tips on organizing your fridge or storing leftovers, you can click HERE to read an older post on the topic.

A weeks worth of leftovers= Leftover Lunch Leftover PlatesRemember, organization is basically grouping like items. Functional organization is grouping like items & storing them in the most practical place for easy usage.

Happy Kitchen Organizing!

find other post in this series HERE

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