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I know this is early AND this isn't the best picture but I wanted to share how I made this sign in case you wanted to do it...these DaySpring letters are on sale & it ends TODAY!!!! I shared last week about why I chose the word REDEEMED, for the entry way in the valley. {better pics to come}

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  1. Redeemed leftover materials:
    • Wood knocked down from original walls in the building
    • Leftover paint from the green walls
    • Leftover paint from the bathroom cabinets {that were 'revived'}
  2. My buddy John cut the 2x4x1 boards for me
    • ~8 foot long {top & bottom pieces}
    • 2 foot tall {side pieces}
  3. Paint frame pieces with the black {flat CHEAP paint}
    • one coat is fine
    • let dry and then scruff up edges as well as the entire length of the board with sandpaper or a sand sponge {you can use a hand sander if you're intense like that}
  4. Measure and paint the green rectangle {matte inside the frame}
  5. Hang Frame
    • Start with the top piece
      • Center and hang with screws in at least one stud
    • Hang side pieces loosely
    • Hang bottom piece
      • Then match up sides before screwing in tightly
  6. Measure and hang lettering
    • We used push pins to mark & double check our measurements {spacing is totally up to the individual}
    • We ended up putting a screw {or 2 for the M}
    • The holes on the back are large enough to hang with a small nail or even a push pin
    • I think this could look cute just sitting on the bottom ledge of the frame and or staggering letters

There it is. Just wanted to you know how easy this project was and ALL for less than $20 {including shipping of the letters}!!! That's less than $2.5o a letter and I don't think you could buy simple wooden letters for that and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have painted them as cute and even. Get you're HERE. Last day to use this coupon code! Great Deal!!! {and surprisingly super fast shipment arrival!}


{expire Tuesday, April 9that midnight CST}

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