That Day…

This. This is the post that’s been haunting me; Sitting in the “drafts section" of my mind for a long time. I think this may be part of the reason I’ve had trouble exposing “REALness”; hesitant to reveal my biggest weaknesses and struggles. The one that makes me want to do dishes rather than write. I don’t like dusting off my skeletons. I’m not sure I’ve told this entire story to anyone, including my husband which is rare. He’s my best friend. I bore him often with my tales of non-sense. So here goes…

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Almost a year after having my 3rd baby in two and ½ very short years I headed back to the doctor. Yep, that day when you and your OB get to make small talk while she does one of the most uncomfortable and awkward things in every girls life- the “Annual”.

This was the 1st time I’d been to the OB all by myself since months before my wedding. I was one of those girls who didn’t go until she needed birth control and then when I was preggers. During all the years of monthly/weekly visits for prenatal care, my hubs had accompanied me. It was odd to sit in the waiting room all alone; people watching all by myself. Pretending to read magazines but really just looking at pictures as if it were Pinterest. My time came.  They called my name as if I’d won something. Not The Case.

I went to back chit chatting with the nurse. I sat down and answered all the normal questions, taking blood pressure, getting weighed {That’s just horrible, I mean, why do they need that? Are we at a cattle auction? Are they going to get paid more for me for being thicker? Anyways :O)’}, blah blah blah.

In “the room” I wait on that noisy paper after trying to hide my tooshy with that paper thin, open-ended gown, and wait, and wait. My sweet doctor enters the room, wearing that impenetrable coat of colorful makeup, and asks me all the same questions the nurse did. She breaks out those shiny, cold, instruments of torture and does her thing. She finishes with a, “I don’t think it ever gets easier” and asks if I had any other questions for her. I did. Well, less a question, more a, “this is what’s going on.” I guess there could be question to follow that. “How do I fix it?”

I nervously talked to her as I sweated all over that now crinkled paper.

“I’ve been having mood swings I guess” I began. “I feel like crying often. I have been over reacting about simple things and get easily frustrated by my kids. I thought it was my heart stuff but I get this tight feeling in my chest.”

Her response: “Okay” in a not so comforting calm, I’ve-seen-this-before voice. “Do you feel out of control some times? Like you just want to scream?”

Sadly that’s exactly how I felt. I want to scream to try and release some of that tenseness built up in my chest. Then I want to cry because all I want to do is scream. I was slightly disappointed she’d pinned me so quickly.

As soon as I confessed to her description, she broke out her script pad- that evil little pad that awakens all those fears deep in me. She explained that she could “give me something” that would help. It would level things out.

I quickly asked her with slight hope in my voice, “Is it like birth control?” I know what that is and what is does.

“No, this…this works more with the chemicals in your brain…to levels things out.”

I’m sure she could hear the hesitation in my voice as she continued writing her script. “Umm, does birth control do the same thing?”

“Yes, and we could try and go that route if this doesn’t help.”

“Alright” I say knowing full well what she was sentencing me to with that paper. I was a psych major for crying out loud. And I was Not Happy about it At All {pun intended}.


To Be Continued...

Three Part Series {on depression}

    1. That Day... {monday}
    2. That Night... {tuesday}
    3. The Pickup... {wednesday}

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  1. Julie, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I met you in the Quad Cities, but I’ve been following all the amazing developments in your family through FB. My heart goes out to you reading this post. You are a fantastic person and missionary for Christ! You have been through so many life changes in the past few years, of course sometimes you feel like crying/screaming/both. Listen to your doctor and your own heart. The medication may help you to be still long enough to listen to both. Fear not. I am here for you if you ever need me! Christy (post-partum depression 2000).

    • Christine, you rock! I love that your follow us on FB. I too, follow you ;o)
      Thank you so much for the encouragement! It’s been ~6 months since “that day” and I’m just now able to tell a little about it with this perspective. I do almost wish I’d written about it closer to when it happened to remember better those feelings. This is the 1st in a 3 part series. The next 2 telling more of the days/months after “that day” will come tomorrow and Wed. I am smiling that I too will be able to say (post-partum depression 2011) someday as encouragement to someone!

  2. I applaud you for sharing your story. Depression has been a quiet subject for too long. I’ll be praying this week that God will direct those who need help to your blog.

  3. bethinthecity says:

    Just found your blog, loved this series, it could have been me. Blessings on your journey.

    • Beth in the city, I’m glad you found it! I’m glad you enjoyed the series and it’s comforting to know so many others are out there dealing with or have dealt with the same things. Thank you! God is definitely already blessing!


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