Top 10 Count Down of 2012

2012 has been...Crazy full. I'm thinking my one word for next year needs to be "simplify".

crazy full 2012

I started setting up this site in January of last year and then launched it on February 1st 2012. I had only started blogging about 7 months before that and fell in love with it right way. I had forgotten how much I loved writing. Some days my poor mamma brain doesn't have enough juices flowing to write anything but a "Thoughtful Thursday" but even giving how-tos gives me a smile. Half the time I'm reading a blog it's for a how-to. I love when I find out those I'm reading love Jesus.

You may have noticed I don't have a category or tab about "christian __" or "God ____" or anything of the sort. I believe just like I've found on these other blogs that when you love Jesus it will ooze out into everything you write. When you become a Christ-follower that doesn't mean the personality God gave you goes away. You should have to only read things about specific Bible verses. Everything you own doesn't have to have some cheesy scripture reference on it. You don't have to sing The Wheels on the CHURCH Bus Go Round and Round to teach your children God's love. That's why here on my tiny slice of the net I'm trying to share Christ as I am going.

We've gone through different themes on the 'old site' and even some major visual changes here. You put up with my typos and bad spelling. God has blessed me so much through this little community. You guys {well...prolly mostly ladies} have been such an encouragement as I've tried to share the realness of my life here. THANKS!

I thought it would be fun to share the "Top 10" post {according to my stat counter} of 2012. Without further ado:

Top 10 Count Down of 2012

Tied for 10th place are That day and 5 Days of Organizing & Cleaning TOYS into Centers: Selecting

ob visit

It felt really good to write out "That Day" and the 2nd two post about my journey through depression. I learned more than a few of my friends are going through the same things and simply putting it into words was therapeutic even before the positive feedback. It totally lead me being gutsy enough to publish more realness. There are too many Pinterest-esk blogs out there that make us all hate ourselves.

how to make PS C @ home

5 Days of Organizing was really cool to see at the top of the chart as well. Since this past year, the trend seems to have been, I write a post about some kind of system or organization I'm starting and the next month it flops because of lack of energy on my part. The toy "Centers" in our house may not flow like a preschool with the Velcro names I made and are now missing but at least everything still has it's place and the kids can find things super easy! There may be a follow-up on this post, How-To Create "Centers" in a SMALL home, if we ever get to move ;o)

9th place husband went back to prison yesterday...


This was a fun post to write trying to see the positives of handing over my hubs to the AR Department of Corrections for 3 months. That's how I roll. I can totally be serious when necessary but some times you can do nothing but joke about something to get through it!

8th place DIY Address Plaque {Thoughtful Thursday}


I laughed when I saw this one climbing. If you are a Facebook friend of mine, you KNOW I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures...of everything! I happen to be making an address plaque for our home before we listed it for sale and decided to share it since it didn't turn out terrible. Thank you Pinterest for pinners liking a simple project, even if mine is a little off centered ;o)

7th Place The night I Almost got Scammed by the "US Military"

The Night I Almost Got Scammed by the "US Military"

Again with the have-to-laugh just to get through a retarded situation. I think I lost my lil mom-brain for 1/2 a second on this one. Matt was gone to camp, our jeep just exploded and we were in need of a car. I LOVE deals of any kind and I almost got scammed in the process. Apparently sharing this escapade has helped several people not get scammed by the same people. Your welcome scammers ;o)

6th Place The New Adventure

Join the Movement of God

I've enjoyed sharing updates on our life. THIS was a huge life change and I think lots of our friends were surprised to hear we were heading out on a new {slightly off base for us} adventure after 2 short years in a new town as youth ministers. I was {and still am} excited to talk about this New Adventure God is taking us on BUT this was just a 'teaser' to send everyone to my hubby's blog where he shared the news.

5 Golden RIIIIINGS! Ooops, I mean 5th place Who are the dechurched?

who are the dechurched; leaving church in droves

I probably owe a lot of this popularity to a lil blog called the Bohemian Bowmans who guest posted for me. Knowing that a large portion of Vilonia {the town we're moving to start our new adventure} is made up of the "De-Churched" I knew I wanted to share about that on here. Since I'm technically not de-churched, I wanted a perspective from someone who was and had shared about it often. I stepped out on a ledge and took a chance by asking a blogger I read weekly to guest post on this topic. Jessica agreed and I think it helped my readers, friends, and potential new 'church members' understand our heart at The Valley. It also got my name out there and landed me an interview with Vivienne McNeny {download HERE}. God is GOOD! He wants His gospel out there even more than we do! duh

4th Place My Laundry Room Smells Like Poop {Thoughtful Thursday}

How to clean your frontloader by

Slap stick comedy works in blog titles, too. I amuse myself by trying to come up with catchy titles that will draw people. Hopefully after they're hear, have read the title and the possibly alluring intro, they are too disappointed with the rest of what's offered. B'wahahaha In my defense, an uncleaned front loader really does smell like poop!

3rd Place DIY Organic Bloom Fram(Sugar & Spice Baby Shower) {Thoughtful Thursday}


I had fun writing this and almost feel bad it made it on the top's a contributing post for the Homemaker's Challenge. Most of the traffic is coming from search engines.  I hope everyone isn't too made that the article isn't here, are clicking over to that site and giving them as many hits. I love contributing there!!!

2nd Place Tutu Table Skirt (Sugar & Spice Baby Shower) {Thoughtful Thursday}


Thanks Ash-bee for having your beautiful Amelia!!! I got to help throw a baby shower for our little princess complete with tutus! This was so fun and easy to make I couldn't keep it to myself! Thanks Christi from P is for Party for the inspirational picture!

aaaand {drum roll please}....the 1st place, most read/view blog post of 2012 iiiiis:

How-To Make Preschool "Centers" at HOME

how to make PS C @ home

This is the original, forever-long, thrown-together post I published about my kids toys shortly after we got our new flooring last year. I had a boost of energy with the clean new feel and went to town organizing the kids already organized toys. This post was later turned into the 5 day extended version with even more detail as to why we have the toys we have.

Some of my all time favorites have been more story-like posts but I think I like the idea of having that documentation for when I'm old and more senile.

What has been your favorite posts this year? I am curious to know what you're looking for Here in 2013.

Purposefully Slow 2013

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings! I pray that you are being 'discipled' in how to follow Christ in every post.

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