Dear Young Pastor’s Wife,

For years, I've been searching for a blog, book, or just wise women who's been there, done that in the realm of being a pastor's wife. I have always come up short...until now.

Although I most often have nothing to offer in the way of wisdom, I do understand that God sends us through certain things and wants us to share them with others. I have always longed for "older women" to invest in me. I understand none of them are perfect but it would be nice to hear the successes and failures of their life.

Soooo, here I am, through one of those random connections in life, I am now sharing my successes and many failures by participating in something I've searched for nearly a decade: A blog devoted to encouraging, challenging, and supporting one another in this awkward life as a pastor's wife. Coincidence or Divine God thing? Yep- Divine!

Today, I'm over at A Common Bond sharing a letter to young pastor's wives that I think would have been helpful to me, years ago.

Dear Young Pastor's Wife

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Ready, Set, WHAT?!?

I haven't been writing much lately. Not for lack of fun stories, interesting thoughts {or at least to me}, or helpful how-tos...we've been a lil busy. lol I honestly had to go back and look at my instagram to remember what all we'd been doing. {btw: sorry if you follow my instagram via my FB page- its gonna double up}

  • Shortly before mother's day we found out our #4 is coming to round out the family! Eeeek


Rothacher' Harlem Shake Video {announcement}

  • Saw a Bunch of former students graduate down in Parker's Chapel.


  • Went on an awesome day of adventure to Magic Springs water and amusement part with some great friends.


  • Celebrated our 9th anniversary!!!


  • Moved the rest of stuff out in 2 days {boooo}
  • We FINALLY sold our house, "Big Blue"! I'll be doing a follow-up post on the Homemaker's Challenge scheduled for July.
    note to self: put the memory card in the camera so you can have that "last day in front of our house when we sold it" picture
  • Had our 1st block party for the Vilonia community. {the night after 'closing' in White Hall}


  • Valley Groups have launched! Our ultimate goal and entry point for our church.
  • Started potty training our 2.5 year old, Jamin. Yay for new-to-us underroos!

973830_679611986737_1617910727_n 975821_680177767907_404516180_n

  • We had our long-awaited 1st ultrasound. Baby #4 is due December 24th {but we will likely meet him/her closer to Dec 10th via c-section; entirely different post}


  • Had an awesome Girls Night Out in Little Rock where we went and saw Steel Magnolia's at Murray's Dinner Theater
  • Hosted our daughters big 'o 5th birthday party at the park {the next morning after our GNO}992809_680143107367_2104152303_n
  • We made an offer on a house in Vilonia! After a year of searching {and waiting to sell}, we made an offer at 3:30pm, received a counter-0ffer {of exactly what we were looking for} at 5:30pm, and accepted at 6:00pm. Did I mention this was the same day as the ultrasound? Busy day 😉943103_680572292277_1985188541_n

Now we are moving on to the "Honey-Do" list that we are hoping to accomplish before my sweet hubs leaves for Super Summer for a week and a 1/2; leaving me to single-parent {unskillfully} while he's gone.

  1. Sign papers & turn them into the bank for our loan- check
  2. Wii & DVD player hooked up correctly and ready to rock way too much screen time- check
  3. Remove the giant wad of plastic wrap that I tried to use to help the bathtub water leak out slower but may or may not have gone down the drain before I could snag it possibly causing slow drainage and a pretty good clog- check
  4. Go to SAMs Club as a family to get TP & other much-needed essentials so I don't pass out from loading, pushing, and unloading all that stuff by myself- check
  5. Stalk up on simple foods & snacks for the prego & kids at said club- check {but may need a couple things a the big WM, ugg}
  6. Catchup on the dishes, laundry, and big cleaning around the house- 1/2 check
  7. Bring in our microwave from big blue because our current one got tired and doesn't heat any more- Wednesday
  8. Baby pool, weighing way more than I should lift, dumped and refilled with clean water for scorching days- Wednesday
  9. Collect tax return papers after the bank makes copies- Wednesday
  10. Home inspection complete on our New House {within 10 days with the hubs being gone 7 of those days}- Thursday
  11. Mow the jungle- maybe not...
  12. A thousand other random things my hubs will do because he's so good at taking care of me- CHECK
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Making a Rental, HOME {Thoughtful Thursday}

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

God has blessed us...beyond expectation.

I think when we leave room for God to show up, He does.

~Kristen Welch

Through much humility, God has bless much! And although there is blessing, there are still the simple #thirdworldproblems and woes. Living in this amazing 'borrowed' home, I feel like I am waiting for something. Waiting for the next ____. I don't know why. I'm having trouble living in the now. Living in the borrowed.

Today, I wanna share the things I am doing to make the borrowed feel permanent because I bet there are lots of you feeling the same way.

5 Tricks to Make the Borrowed Feel Perminant

  1. UNPACK!
    I know there are tons out there who moved in about 5 years ago and still can't find that casserole dish. It will be worth it! Try and unpack the boxes as soon as they come into the house. There are lots of benefits:
    You'll know where things are.
    You can get rid of excess when it doesn't fit.
    You will feel at home!
  2. Hang pictures!
    I know lots of rentals don't allow or highly discourage putting holes in the wall but in my opinion, decorating makes it your space. Invest in those removable hooks!
  3. Use throw pillows!
    You may not be a throw pillow kind of person but adding simple accents like this again make this your space. It makes it comfortable. And things like throw pillows are easily replaced when your taste changes or they get worn out.
  4. Get good sheets!
    Matt and I recently spent good money {for our budget even though they were like 50% off} on a fancy set of 600-thread-count sheets. Not only does this add to the style of your home but what makes you feel more at-home than comfort?!? Nice sheets should be comfortable so you are getting a great night's sleep. Sleep makes everything better. 😀
  5. Smell it up!
    My hubs can't smell. No, not like, he has a low sense of smell. He can't smell Anything! "Everything smells like home" to him. For years, I felt selfish buying perfume, air freshener, or candles because I was the only one benefiting. Over those years, I noticed one of the first things I noticed when I went into someone elses house was the nice smell. That smell was one more thing I associated with that family. My house...had begun smelling like dish/laundry soap, diapers, shampoo. I wanted our smell to be...well, not diapers. Don't get me wrong, I'm still buying candles dirt cheap but I don't feel awful getting them now.

There are few things that make a girl feel comfy like a yummy candle lit in the dark while snuggling with that throw pillow & blanket. 😉

What makes your rental feel like home?

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12 Steps to Help MOM Get Ready FAST {Thoughtful Thursday}

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

I never thought I'd be THAT mom...the one that doesn't shower daily. Or at least who wishes she did but it's kinda hit or miss. Yeah. I am now her. I have learned some tricks to taking a quick and efficient shower.

12 Steps to Help MOM Get Ready FAST

12 Steps to Help MOM Get Ready FAST

  1. Have all necessary items IN the shower.
    I always make sure I have body wash, wash cloth/luffa, shampoo, conditioner, make-up remover, razor, etc before showering. Really, I just never take the stuff our or replace it if needed when I get out.
    Some times I even set out hair stuff {ie Plug in but turn off straightener and hair drier, brush, make-up bag, lotion, and even the Deo (because sometimes...lets be honest...I forget lol)}
  2. Have all Clothing Laid out and ready in the bathroom.
    I never knew how much time this could save me. I pick out what I'm going to wear the night before and have it in a pile on the bathroom counter. I'm talking under garments, socks if applicable, top, bottoms, earrings, hair stuff, etc. Wearing mainly t-shirts helps this process as well. 😀 If its something nicer, I'll leave it on the hanger & hook it on the back of the door {knob or towel hook}.
  3. Have Towel over the shower door or rail.
    I love having my towel hanging over the shower door/rail even if there's a nearby hook. I use the towel to wipe my eyes after those slashes from soap when in a rush.
  4. Set a timer.
    I haven't done this often but if you tend to take a long shower this can help you be aware of how long you take. After a while, a 10 minute shower will just be habit.
  5. Rinse Hair Twice as long as you Wash it.
    This may sound silly and I laugh every time I'm in the shower and remember this tidbit...because it came from 6th grade! You know, when they give you the "You Stink, Use Deo for Your BO" conversation. Yeah, they had cute high school girls come talk to us and one of the things they mentioned was a general rule to make sure you get all the shampoo out is to rinse twice as long. If you message in the shampoo for 30 seconds, rinse for 1 minute.
    I know the whole point of this post is to take a FAST shower but it won't be worth it if your hair looks nasty just a few hours later.
  6. Wash Body with Warm Water {1st}
    I prefer taking a shower first thing in the morning {even though this doesn't always happen} because it helps get the stiffness out of my body before starting the day. Warm water helps this!
  7. Shave while washing your body.
    Using warm water and body wash is a quick way to shave every day. I know it can be bothersome and some days there's just no time for that but I love the feeling of shaved legs.
  8. Remove make-up/Wash Face.
    Using your face-wash/make-up remover, clean your face using slightly warm water. You don't want to dry out your skin and your face is very sensitive.
  9. Wash Hair with nearly Cold Water {2nd}
    After you've 'relaxed', washed, and shaved, its time to move on to hair. Scrub in your shampoo still using semi-warm water and then when you are ready to rinse, switch the water over to as cold as you can stand! Rinsing your hair with cold water will cut down on dandruff that comes from dry scalp and it also makes your hair really shiny {thanks for the tip mom}.
  10. Don't turn back up the water temperature.
    Now that your hair looks fab, do not let the temptation to crank back up the water temp. You are ready to JUMP out of the shower...because you are cold. LOL
  11. Dry off IN the shower.
    I know this isn't easy, especially if you have a small shower but this too will be beneficial. It will make you move quickly {so you can bundle after that cold rinse} and it won't soak your rug 😀
  12. Don't leave the bathroom until you are READY for the day.
    Another thing I'm still not good at but have noticed helps speed along with read-for-the-day process is finishing getting ready for the day. Get completely Dressed, Do make-up, Dry & Fix hair

Did you "Get Ready" today? I DID!!!

Anyone else have some helpful hints for shower or getting ready fast?

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