Water Park Hair for Littles {Thoughtful Thursday}

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on asJulesisgoing.com

I mentioned yesterday that we got to spend the day with friends at a water/amusement park for the 1st time as a family. We were beyond pumped!

Because we wanted to eliminate any possible kinks in the day, I wanted to make sure little girl hair wasn't going to be a constant issue. Ya know, pulling it up all day. Bang in the face. Hair slapping you on rides. Nasty looking, 1/2 dried hair. Soooo

Water Park Hair

We borrowed little brother's hair glue, "Gorilla Snot" and used tiny rubber bands to created some cute doos that would last all day.

  1. I wet down the girls hair, added a generous amount of GS, and used a fine comb to comb their hair, removing knots, before putting it up.
  2. Because both my girls have bangs or baby hairs/fly-aways, we created tiny pony tails right in the front.
  3. Then we did a little dipsy do. I'm sure there's a real term for this but basically, all you do is make a hole under the hair-tier and poke the ponytail through before pulling tight.
  4. Finally, we pulled the tiny dipsy do back into another ponytail. My oldest daughter has more hair so we ended up doing 3 ponies on one side and a single on the other side but only 2/1 on my younger daughter.
  5. I left the back down on both girls {having only pigtails on the front 1/2 of their heads} so it would be less likely to fall down, since both of them have shoulder-length hair. I also scrunched my younger daughter's curly hair with the GS.

Growing Out Little Girl Bangs Growing Out Bangs on Little Girls Hair- Curly Style

These stayed All Day! AND looked cute šŸ˜‰ How do you fix your little girls hair when you need it to stay all day?

edit to add pics of hair glue

Gorilla Snot

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Get it Together Already!

I'm such a slacker! I found out about my sweet friends awesome book a while back and have failed to share it.


I've tried to make a notebook similar to this before. I used a scanky old falling apart tiny notebook left over from something. The entire thing was black and white. I had minimal importance to me...because it was ugly. Right? Lets face it, who wants to pull out something daily/weekly that's hideous. This notebook kinda represents...you. Then there's the whole, it was just Matt and I and now we've added a few more to the mix, I'm thinking I need to rework the ole "Family Notebook" rather than having 8 different places to keep this stuff.

This is Kayse: Isn't she just adorable! She writes over at KaysePratt.com. Easy enough to remember right? She has fixed my woes about my nasty, skank-tastic notebook and put it all in an eBook for me (and YOU).

Getting It Together is an eBook designed to help you set up your own Home Management System that works! It includes a step-by-step tutorial, and over 30 printables that you can use to start getting organized today!

Getting It Together includesā€¦

  • Top 5 reasons you need a home management system. She's sell ya!
  • Step-by-step on how to creating your own HM binder.
  • 30 printables! All the pretties and none of the hard work!!!
  • Kayse's great sense of humor. She's so normal, love it!

Hereā€™s how you can do just thatā€¦

  1. Purchase Getting It Together as a PDF! For just $3.99, you can immediately download the book and startĀ using the printables. Easy peasy! Click here to buy now.
  2. Purchase Getting It Together for your Kindle! Also just $3.99, you can get this wirelessly delivered immediately. This version includes a link to the printables, so that you can download the PDFs onto your computer and print them off. Click here to buy now.

Let me know if ya get it. I'd LOVE to see pics of your fancy dancy new "Home Management System"!!!


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Bedding, Summer Goodies, & Organization

So I found this new site called http://www.become.com/. It's kinda like an amazon or something where it pulls up several brands of what ever topic you're looking for from new bedding, summer time goodies, and organizational tools.

Lets say you search: flip flop bedding sets. I love flip flopsĀ and bed spreads! It comes up with these adorable comforters: This is from the Company Store. Cute colors for a girls room! And @ $99.oo it's not a horrible price. Very beachy, bright, and fun.

Or likeĀ plush blue rose towels. It comes up with all kinds of stuff including this cute beach towel for ~$10.00 from Swim2000. $10.00 for a beach towel is pretty average price, right?Wet Products Hibiscus Towel









Or even nsf-free airtight 25 lb flour containers. My friend Katie has some awesome container like these! She's been hold'nĀ out for the quality canisters. She uses them to hold cereal, snacks, and even toys. These are found at Khols for sale $13.59-$16.99, iginal $15.99-19.99. A little pricey but possible worth it for the quality.Oggi Airtight Storage Containers

Just thought it could be a fun new site for you fellow mamma's to search for home and garden items {they have other categories as well}!
Let me know if you find any fun products.


{disclaimer: I will be paidĀ for the attached links in this post}
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“Oh, you can make milkshakes out of icecream?” {Thoughtful Thursday Link-Up}

That's right. I'm slack'n and didn't get the Thoughtful Thursday link up ready to go before 9pm. But here it is!

After dinner one night my girls were so excited to tell their daddy they were getting "SHACKS" for dessert! My husband came to me wondering where I was going to pick up shacks for them and when I told him I was making them he said, "Oh, you can make milkshakes out of icecream?"

Uummm, yeah! Duh. hehehe

Desired amount of icecream, any added flavoring you want, blend, pour, slurp!
I also like to put plain yogurt and frozen fruit in a blender and calling it a "shake"! My girls LOVE it and think it's the best snack/dessert Ever ;o)


I'm sure you have some way more Thoughtful things to share. Link'm Up below! {open 'til next Wednesday}

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Oster 3-in-1 Hand Blender

The Oster 3-in-1 Hand Blender is amazing and I use it at least 2 times a month. We originally bought this tool from Wal-Mart when looking for something cheap to make homemade baby food (uping the usage to more than 2x a week)Ā for our 2nd child (after burning up our 1st one), ~2010. I now use this to chop/crush crackers, nuts, and cereal. I do big batches of these and store them in my pantry to make meal prep faster! It also assist in making baby food a snap!

*Note: I am not being paid for these recommendations/reviews but if you know how I can- bring it!

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